Intuitive Reading Testimonials

"Amazing. She was spot on."

"…It helped me to go on with life."

"She verified what I believed."


"Very good overall. Felt it described what I’m going through.."

Workshop Testimonials

"Awesome meeting. Kendra gave us lots of tools for working with energy. We practiced the exercises and shared our experiences. It was very enlightening to hear what everyone else experienced. It was all done in a very safe and supportive way. "


“The evening was wonderful. I learned A LOT and will definitely be back! Thank you Kendra for an awesome experience. If you're thinking about attending one of Kendra's groups, I highly recommend it!”

"Great group of people; everyone was really kind, open, and generous in sharing intuitive guidance. The tips and exercises that Kendra shared with us were really helpful."



"Very informative and safe environment to discuss the topics of centering and grounding. I left with lots of good tools and tricks."


"I had a great time. Kendra was very informative."